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Flyer Design Long Island

Unlocking the Power of Flyer Design

Where Visual Appeal Meets Effective Messaging

Flyers have been a staple in advertising and promotions for decades, and there’s a reason they’ve stood the test of time. Their physical nature offers a tactile experience, making them a memorable touchpoint in an audience’s journey. However, in today’s saturated market, not every flyer gets a second glance. The difference lies in design. At Bracha Designs, we combine aesthetics with strategy to create flyers that don’t just look good, but also communicate effectively. Whether it’s an event, promotion, or brand awareness campaign, our tailor-made designs ensure your message is front and center, resonating with the intended audience. By striking a balance between captivating visuals and clear messaging, we turn your flyers into powerful tools that drive engagement and action.

What do you get with your flyer design?

Original Designs

No boring cookie-cutter templates you find at DIY sites here. We create stunning, high quality flyers specifically for your business that people will actually want to pick up and read.

Branded Designs

We make sure your flyers is designed to match your existing branding. We’ll follow brand guidelines such as color and font choices for one cohesive look.

Free Stock Photos

We provide fully licensed professional stock photos. We know what kinds of photos will be most effective for your business and won’t use anything that has that boring old “stock photo” look.

Unlimited Revisions

We’ll work closely with you to finetune and polish up your flyer design until you’re 100% satisfied.

Facts About Flyers

Don’t think flyers are effective for your marketing strategy? Consider these facts.


of consumers pay attention to direct mail, making flyers an effective medium to grab attention.


of recipients take action based on the information they receive through flyers, proving their potential in prompting engagement.


of people appreciate the tactile nature of flyers, as it offers a break from digital content overload.


of businesses find flyer marketing to be one of the most cost-effective ways to promote events or offers.

Flyer Design Services Long Island

We not only design flyers. We can print and mail them them too.

We have many printing options for truly impressive flyers people will want to pick up and read.

Size Options

We have many popular size options available, but also offer completely custom sizes as well to fit your exact needs.

Printing Options

We have lots of different paper stocks and unique printing options to make a truly unique looking flyer.

Mailing Options

We can mail your postcards you print with us to your provided mailing list quickly and painlessly.

Frequently Asked Flyer Design Questions

What makes a good flyer design?

Designing a good flyer can be very tricky as many times people will try to cram as much information into it as possible. Simply put, no one wants to read anymore. So we design flyers that are visually striking and easy to read. This ensures the highest conversion rate.

How much is a flyer design?

Typical flyer design cost is $150+. Prices may vary depending on specific requests and number of concepts requested. Contact us for a quote.

How many concepts do I get with my flyer design?

Typically one unless more are requested (for an additional price).

What happens if I don't like the design?

This rarely happens, but in the event that it does, we’ll happily provide you with an additional design concept.

How many revisions do I get?

We want you to be happy with your final flyer design. Therefore we provide an unlimited amount of revisions (within reason) to your chosen concept.

What is the flyer design process like?

We’ll ask you about your company – what it does, what it represents, and more. From there, we’ll ask you to provide your logo and brand guide, contact information, as well as all the copy you’d like in your postcard (if you need copy writing services, we have can provide this for an additional cost). Usually within 2-4 business days, we’ll send over your flyer design and review it with you. We’ll adust and tweak based on your feedback until you’re happy. Once approved, we’ll discuss printing/mailing options we offer or send you final print ready files if you prefer to use your own printers.

Do you help with the copy writing of the flyer?

Generally we ask that you provide the copy for the postcard as no one knows your business and your product/service better than you. However, if needed, we do offer copy writing services at an additional cost. Learn more here.

I'd like to mail my flyers out. Do you help with that?

If you print your flyers with us, then we can provide direct mailing services. Simply provide us a list of your contacts, and we’ll mail a brochure to each address on that list. Learn more about our direct mailing services here.

Can't I just use one of those online design tools? Why do I need to hire a professional to design my flyer?

Today there are many resources online that allow someone with no design background or software to design their own flyers. But unless you are a trained professional that understands the psychology behind design and selling, these resources will not yield you promising results. Many of these designs have been overdone as well as many people tend to use the same cookie cutter templates. In addition, we’ll advise you on what information to include so that your postcard isn’t crammed with copy. You’ll also find that these online resources do not give you print-ready files. You’ll either have to know how to set these up yourself or pay for the additional service. Your best bet for maximum ROI is to hire a professional.

I don't like my flyer design. Do I still have to pay?

Yes, you are still required to pay the full agreed amount as we have spent the time, research and effort to provide you the design. If you do not like the design provided, we will be happy to provide you more options at no extra charge and work with you until you are 100% satisified.

Do I get the original files for my flyer?

Generally, no. While you are welcomed to the print-ready files, we retain the rights to all of our designs unless we release them. Most people wouldn’t have the necessary software to make edits or tweaks on their own anyways. We’re happy to make any adjustments when needed for minimal or no cost. You may also choose to purchase the full rights to the design and get all the original design files associated with it.