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Nothing causes lost potential customers quite like a slow website.

How to speed up my website

Don't get bogged down by a slow loading website

We live in a fast paced world. People want their information and they want it fast. If your website takes forever to load you could be losing thousands of dollars in potential revenue from high bounce rates. If your website isn’t loading within 4-5 seconds on a mobile connection and at a fraction of that speed on a WiFi connection you could be losing serious business. 

We can help speed up your site through a number of methods including image compression, script optimization, bloat removal and more. We’ve taken dozens of sites from 10+ seconds loads down to under a second. 


Number of users who've expressed frustration with a slow loading website and never returned to it.

Recommended load speed in seconds on a Wifi Connection from Google


Potential loss of search engine rankings due to a slow load speed.

A slow loading website can do more than just hurt your search engine rankings. It can lose you dozens of potential clients, thousands in lost revenue, and can permanently scar your online reputation. Get your website’s load speed optimized and give your clients the best online user experience possible.

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Give your site the performance boost it needs

Getting your site optimized for speed can boost your performance scores which can dramatically improve your search rankings and bounce rate.






Don't let a slow loading website get your business down

Let Bracha Designs optimize your website and never lose another potential client to slow loading speeds again.

Frequently Asked Speed Optimization Questions

How fast should it take for my website load?

In general about 2-3 seconds is optimal for a WiFi connection. However, Google recommends you try to aim for .5 seconds.

Why does my website load so slow?

This can be for a number of different reasons as listed below:

  1. Large image sizes. This is usually the biggest culprit. In general images for the web should keep their file size to a minimum. The larger the file, the longer the loadtime. 
  2. Bloat. A lot of times websites are built with builders that include a lot of uneccessary files and scripts that get loaded despite the website not using them. This is common for inexperienced developers or for users using DIY solutions to build their own sites. 
  3. Load sequence isnt’ optimized. Modern websites that are developed well will only call on a script or image when needed. So if a script or image that is being found at the end of the page is loading at start, this can lead to slower load times. 
  4. Entry level budget hosting. These hosting plans usually offer servers with very limited resources, causing longer load times. For more about hosting, click here.
  5. Malware or malicious files. A slow loading website can be a sign of a hacked webite that has malicious scripts injected into it. This should be remedied immediatedly.


What can I do to speed up my website?

There is no one straight answer, as every website is built differently. As a guideline, you’ll want to make sure you’re on a good hosting plan, images are kept small, number of fonts are kept to a minimum, and that you have some kind of caching software in place. These steps alone can dramatically improve your website’s load speed. Contact us and we’ll be happy to get your site’s speed optimized. 

Why does having a fast site matter? It's well designed and people love it.

Simply put, people have very short attention spans when browsing the internet. If a potential customer cannot access what they need to on your site within seconds, they’ll leave your site and most likely never return, opting for the competetion which has a faster loading site. Slower loading websites are also generally ranked lower by search engines, since they mostly likey have higher bounce rates than normal. All this translates to thousands and thousands of dollars in lost potential revenue.

How can a fast loading website benefit me?

If your website loads in under 3 seconds, it’s faster than 75% of most websites. That means a faster loading website gives you a leg up on 3/4 of your competetion. It seems like a no brainer then, that you’d want your website loading as fast as possible.

A website is just the first step in establishing your business' online precense.

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