Artwork Recreation

Lost your original artwork file? No problem, let us recreate it.

Recreate Your Artwork in Long Island NY

Even the simplest edits can become impossible to do without original files

Don’t get stuck with a useless file you can’t make edits to or use for print.

Whether it be for a business card, poster, brochure or something else altogether, professionally designed artwork will always be created using industry-standard software. These programs create files that have the artwork in layers that can easily be edited and manipulated. However, most times the customer doesn’t get this type of file, as they usually don’t even have the software to open it. What customers typically get instead is a low quality flattened version of the image to preview and use. So normally, when you need a reprint of a certain artwork or some minor edits or updates, you’d reach out the original designer. But what happens when you cannot reach your original designer? You’re now stuck with a useless file you can’t use for print and that you can’t make edits to. Now what?

That’s where Bracha Designs comes in! We have the ability to recreate your artwork with near-perfect accuracy. This allows for you to have the proper print files with the proper specifications needed. We can even make updates and edits for you with the recreated design as needed. Don’t get stuck with useless preview files. Let Bracha Designs recreate your artwork for you. 

Here's some of the things we can recreate for you

Best Business Card Design in Long Island NY

Business Cards

Best Business Card Design in Long Island NY


Best Business Card Design in Long Island NY


Custom Booklet Design


Custom Booklet Design


Website Redesign Services


Here are the file types you'll typically get with your recreated artwork

High quality logo recreation

Print Files

We’ll provide you with all the necessary print-ready files. Alternatively we can print your artwork for you as well.

Logo Recreation Services

JPG Files

This is a compressed, flattened version of your artwork that is perfect for use on smaller prints or the web.

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