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Lost your original logo file? No problem, let us recreate it.

Logo Recreation Services

It's important to have your logo and branding assets.

Not having your original logo files can lead to some embarrasing situations.

Properly designed logos will always be created with geometry in what’s known as a vector format. This ensures that no matter how large or small your logo is, it is kept clear and crisp. Many people aren’t aware of this and so they don’t make an effort to save these files somewhere safe, opting often times to use a JPG version of the logo instead. The issue with this is that the quality can be lost in JPG files when sizing up or down. This leads to many embarassing situations such as pixilated, unprofessional looking logos on print work, or files being rejected altogether by the printers, leading to delays and missed deadlines.

Luckily, Bracha Designs has your back. We can take even the smallest, low quality logo and recreate it as a crisp, clean vector graphic with 99% accuracy. We can even recreate logos from a photo of the logo. This means your logo will be ready for whatever format you need it in, whether for a giant billboard or printed on a pen. We will recreate any logo you have and provide you not only with your vector file, but with versions of your logo for print and web, with super fast turnarounds. If you need your recreation logo design accurately and quickly, look no further than Bracha Designs.

Here are some logos we've recreated

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Here are the file types you'll get with your recreated logo

Logo recreation in Long Island NY

AI File

This is your original vector file that contains the data to modify and edit your logo. This is your main and most important logo file.

High quality logo recreation

PDF File

This is a vector version of your logo used for print. If you need to print any high quality prints, this is the file to use.

Logo Recreation Services

JPG File

This is a compressed, flattened version of your logo that is perfect for use on smaller prints or the web.

Recreate my logo

PNG File

This file type serves the same purpose as the JPG file, but has a transparent background for when you need your logo on a background color other than white.

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