Product spotlight: Business Cards

October 11, 2013

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Business Cards

Welcome to Product Spotlight. Every week or so we will feature a product that can be designed and printed on Bracha Designs. We’ll talk about history, specifications, design, print ideas, and more! And what better way to start product spotlight than with a product that has been tried and tested over the years and is our wallet’s best friend – the business card!

Business cards have become synonymous with having a business. When someone starts a business, getting some business cards designed and printed are usually pretty high on his or her list of priorities to get the business off the ground. A business card tells a story, represents an idea, and if done right, is the first step in a successful business transaction, all within a little 3.5 x 2 inch piece of card stock paper.

If the logo is a face of a business, the business card is quite literally the calling card. In fact, that is how business cards came to be. In the past when one wanted to see someone at their home, they would first be greeted by a maid or servant at the door. The person at the door would then give the servant a small card with his or her name on it. The servant would take the card and go show it to the master of the house. Once he received the card in hand, should he choose to see the person at the door, he would only then come to greet them.

This idea evolved into the business cards we all have in our pockets and hand out today. They’ve come a long way since then with some truly impressive printing options available today (raised printing, spot gloss printing, plastic stock, metal stock, and more, which we will speak more about in future product spotlights). But no matter what stock they are printed on or special features they have, one thing always remains true – the business card you hand to a prospective client is the first impression that client will ever get of you. It will be the face of you and your business and tell the prospective client a story about you and your business long before he ever calls the number on the card and speaks to the person on the other end.

That’s why it is key to get a business card made that not only contains the information about you and your business, but is designed well and printed on quality paper. It all depends on the image you are trying to sell. A person may see a business card that features a bold, distinguished logo, with clear, organized information in a beautiful typeface, printed on a nice thick stock with a few nice features and think “wow, this company seems impressive,” or on the other hand, they may see a poorly designed cookie cutter card printed on cheap thin material advertising the logo of the online site where they got 250 of them for free on the back, and think “does this company have the resources to provide me with the things I need?” It’s for this important reason you want to spend a little extra to get nice cards. Remember, your cards represent you. How do you want to be represented?


Above are the cards that have been made for Bracha Designs. Being a design and print company we had to pull all the strings. These cards are on silk stock, have rounded silver edges, a hologram logo, and spot gloss, along with easy to read information and a QR code for easy web access. It goes without saying that when someone gets this card, they look it over for a good thirty seconds before stuffing it into their pocket; sometimes longer. It sells our services for us.

Now that we’ve spoken about the history and importance of a business card, we’ll dedicate the rest of this product spotlight to most basic, tried and tested business card stock. Bracha Designs’ standard business card is 3 x 2.5 16 pt thickness card. This thickness is thicker than what most print shops will offer which is 14 pt.


You also have a few options for coating. The most conventional coating is the spot uv, which is a very glossy coating. This is perfect for most businesses. For a little bit of a more refined look, there is the matte coating, which is less shiny and more silky in feel. What’s nice about matte cards is they can be written on as well. Some people will order their cards with uv gloss on the front and matte on the back. This way they can write appointments in and other information on the back of the card if needed.

Either way, Bracha Designs’ standard business cards are a perfect must have option for anyone starting a business on a budget. They are sturdy, versatile, and very affordable. Bracha Designs and our sister site Bracha Printing offer 5000 cards for only $99 with your choice of uv gloss, matte, or both coatings. With a design it’s $150. Smaller quantities are available too. Contact us to get your next set of beautiful high quality business cards from Bracha Designs.

Thanks to everyone who read this. We will continue talking about different types of business cards with the next product spotlight on Spot UV business cards. So stay tuned!


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