Why Branding is So Important

January 21, 2020

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Don’t think your logo and brand is that important? Thinking about just getting a cheap logo done by an amateur or to try to make one yourself one of those DIY sites?

Consider this: Tropicana Orange Juice lost millions on consumers and even more money when they rebranded from their tried and true orange with a straw image.

The rebranded result was so bland, boring, and uninspired that people stopped buying their juices-even though what was inside the package was exactly the same!!! Sales were so bad they were forced to go back to their old branding and packaging in a desperate attempt to regain their customers and sales.

But by that time they had already lost millions in sales. So next time you’re thinking that your logo and branding isn’t something that’s important and not worst investing in, think about the OJ we all know and love.


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