Why Branding and Print Collateral are Important for Success

July 13, 2014

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Importance of Branding and Print Collateral

Branding really is based on a love story, although some companies are slow to acknowledge this truth. As marketing turns to building relationships instead of tricking customers into sales, there’s no question why marketers are taking some tips from their night life into their work life.

When introducing your brand to a new audience it’s important to make unique connections with every visitor. Giving them an opportunity to introduce themselves and their needs on brochures or fliers gives them a sense of purpose and assurance in the relationship, like in real life, and this also gives companies some important information about how to personalize the experience from the get-go.

Names matter! Make sure that your business name is memorable – anyone is more likely to remember a Penelope Ann over just an Ann. Create a vibrant logo and incorporate it across all of your fliers, business cards, and other consumer outreach products to build your brand. Additionally, businesses see more success when they remember customer names. Did you know that 65% of consumers are more likely to return to a business that automatically welcomes them by name? Get creative with your designs and personalize everything for your customers!

Finally, like in the real dating scene, you should always be ready! Get your design stock ready so that a silky business card is on hand, a clean brochure is ready to explain, and a flier is drumming up business! Bracha Designs can help you be ready for anything!


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