Why Cheap Websites and DIY Builders Are a Big Mistake

September 4, 2023

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There’s a quaint little saying, “You get what you pay for.” And while I’m all about finding a good deal, there are certain things in business you simply can’t bargain with. Your website is one of them. So, let’s discuss why DIY builders or hiring a company who builds cheap websites can be a huge mistake for your business.

The true cost of cheap websites: DIY and Budget Designers

Picture this: it’s a Sunday afternoon. You’re flipping through channels, and there’s an ad showcasing an effortlessly constructed website. It’s sleek, fast, and better yet, it’s cheap. You think, “I could totally do that!” Enter stage left: the allure of DIY website builders and budget designers.

But let’s chat honestly for a moment. It’s not just about having a digital “presence.” A website is like your business’s heartbeat online. Sure, you might save some bucks upfront with a DIY solution or a quick-fix designer. But what about the long-term consequences?

The Real Ingredients of High-Quality Web Design

  1. Understanding of Branding: Remember that time you tried recreating that gourmet dish at home, and it just didn’t taste the same? That’s because you might’ve missed an ingredient or two. The same goes for branding. Your brand isn’t just a logo; it’s a blend of your story, mission, and the experiences you offer. Dive deeper into the importance of branding with this piece on Why Branding is So Important.
  2. Strategic Marketing and Sales Placement: Think about walking into your favorite store. Items aren’t thrown around haphazardly. Everything’s strategically placed for optimal customer experience. This is where a designer’s expertise in marketing and sales strategies becomes crucial. Websites aren’t just about looking good; they’re about converting those visits into sales.
  3. In Tune with Google’s Algorithms: We all know that friend who’s always up-to-date with the latest trends. For a website, that friend is Google. From understanding SEO strategies to ensuring your site loads faster than one can snap their fingers, an experienced web designer is always ahead of the curve. For some light reading, see how site speed affects Google’s love for your site: How to Get Your Website Ready for Google’s May 2021 Speed Update.

Let’s Dive into a Real-world Scenario of What Happens with Cheap Websites.

Meet John. He’s a passionate business owner with a product that’s set to revolutionize his industry. Knowing the importance of a digital footprint, he decided to create his own cheap website. After all, with so many user-friendly platforms available, how hard could it be? After countless hours and relentless effort, his website bore a closer resemblance to a 1990s hobby page than the sleek, modern design he envisioned. Unfortunately, John had inadvertently stumbled into the pitfalls of DIY website builders.

But he was not deterred. He then chose to contract a seemingly affordable overseas design firm known for designing cheap websites. While the initial drafts showed promise, the process was fraught with setbacks. Language barriers, misunderstandings about design specifics, and time zone differences constantly hindered progress. When the site finally went live, it was glaringly apparent that cheap, unlicensed stock images were used, and there were several glaring errors. A quick audit showed it had none of the basics Google looks for in a high-ranking site. Even worse? When John attempted to make corrections, he realized he had no admin rights to his own site, and the company he entrusted with his business’s digital front vanished into thin air.

Determined to rectify his digital dilemma, John sought a reputable, professional web design agency. They didn’t just build a website for him; they crafted a digital masterpiece. Tailored to John’s branding, replete with SEO-focused content, and optimized for speed, the new site was worlds apart from his earlier attempts. Within the year, his website, which was previously lost in the vast digital ocean, began drawing significant traffic. His sales? They rocketed by an impressive 300%.

This journey underscores the intrinsic value of investing in quality web design. The internet is crowded, and to truly stand out, businesses must present an authentic, well-crafted, and SEO-optimized front. With tools like AI at the forefront of modern web design, the intricacies of crafting an effective website go far beyond aesthetics.

More than Just a Pretty Design

Your website is not just a passive digital business card. In many cases, it’s the first touchpoint for your customers. It’s the platform where sales conversions happen, and brand loyalties are forged. Therefore, its design should never be an afterthought. It needs to reflect the quality, dedication, and passion you pour into your business every day. If John’s story teaches us anything, it’s the tangible impact of good design and the right SEO strategy.

Why Bracha Designs Stands Out

We get it. Investing in a quality website can seem daunting. But here’s the thing: at Bracha Designs, we’re not just creating websites; we’re crafting experiences. Our team understands the intricacies of web design, from crafting compelling content to ensuring optimal site speed and navigation.

Remember: in the digital age, your website is often the first impression customers have of your business. And first impressions? They’re everything.


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