Why You Should NEVER Use a DIY Website Builder

January 20, 2020

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The Limitations of DIY Website Builders

Thinking of trying to save a few bucks and just making your website yourself using one of those DIY templates catered specifically to your business? I run into this with clients all the time. Let’s say for instance, the client owns a gym. He goes and downloads a gym website template, changes a few pics, uploads his logo and boom, website done. The issue is there are a ton of businesses just like that one who downloaded that same template!

So now you’re stuck with a website that looks like your competitors! Same colors, same style, same model working out at the same gym!!! It can be quite embarrassing. Not to mention, more times than not, you can clearly see these are template sites.

So now you wasted a bunch of time you couldve been spending growing your business on a site only to find out a bunch of competitors’ sites look very similar. Bad for you and bad for business.

So dont settle for a copycat website that uses the same cookie cutter template as a bunch of your competitors are using. Invest in your business’ image if you want people to invest in your services. Hire a professional web designer who will custom tailor YOUR website to fit YOUR businesses’ specific style, message and needs!


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