Why Do It Yourself Websites are a Giant Headache

January 1, 2015

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Why Do-It-Yourself Websites are a Giant Headache

We live in a fast-paced world where companies make millions selling you products that promise to make life easier. Do-it-yourself (DIY) website design companies are one such type of company, and there’s a reason why they’re making millions, even though you’re supposedly doing the work yourself instead of opting to pay a professions. Here’s what you can expect from DIY website creators and how these guys make bank.


You’re Limited

DIY site creators are actually pretty decent at creating basic sites. Need a quick 5-page informational site with some text and images? Easy enough to figure out with one of these sites. But what if your site needs specific functions? Need a site to sell certain products with various options? Need a good blogging system? Or maybe a way to accept reservations and payments? We may be stuck. These DIY creators are intended for easy, simple sites, so unless your site is super simple, prepare for a headache trying to get your site to do what you need it to do. And if you want a simple site, well there’s another problem…


Monthly Costs

These DIY sites charge you a monthly cost for using their creator. This is where they make their big bucks. That means as long as you want your site up and want to be able to make changes to it, you’re paying a monthly fee. If you do some simple math, you’ll quickly find paying a professional a one-time fee for creating your site will end up costing A LOT less in the long run. Yes, these DIY sites will host your site for you, but even after factoring in the cost of hosting, something we offer with our designs for one low cost, and even cost of maintenance and updates from time to time,  you’re still saving hundreds, if not, thousands over the years…that is unless you’re not really looking for a long term site, which if you’re running a business, you’re probably not. You’d be surprised how affordable a site can be. Shop around for the best prices. We offer prices for any budget and offer payment plans as well.


Cookie Cutter Templates

Part of what makes these sites so simple to use is that you’re stuck with specific templates. You’re basically selecting from their library of predesigned sites and modifying the text and images to fit your needs. What this means is that there’s hundreds of other companies that do the same thing you’re doing or sell the same thing you’re selling who opted to use the same DIY creator and has a site that looks very similar to yours. In a world where google provides us super fast information and there’s competition in business like never before, can your site (often times, the first impression a potential client gets from you) afford to be just another face in the crowd? When you hire a professional like us, we’ll create a design that will be original and will get you noticed, which leads to the next point…


Your Job is Not Designing

Chances are your company has nothing to do with design. You’re good at what you’re good at. So hire a professional who has an eye for design to give you a beautiful, well designed, and functional site. Even if your profession does is part of the creative field, chances are you still lack the knowledge needed to make a “good” website. What’s the best size to make your site at? Will it work across multiple platforms? How can you guarantee your clients read the important stuff on your site? How will you be sure people even visit your site? Exhausted yet? Stop worrying about it and leave it to the professionals. You’re busy doing what you know how to do best. You wouldn’t opt to buy a Diagnosis-It-Yourself kit (if there was such a thing) rather than go see a doctor, would you? Then why attempt to make your own site?!


Hire a Professional!

We’ve had lots of clients come to us and say we tried making our own site, but it was just too difficult, we couldn’t get what we wanted, and we wasted hours! Don’t waste your time. You got a business to run. Leave the web design to us!



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