Product Spotlight: Die Cut Printing

December 22, 2013

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Die Cut Printing

Welcome to another segment of Product Spotlight, where we discuss all kinds of cool products, designs, and print options we offer at Bracha Designs. Last time we spoke about Spot Gloss Cards. Today we will talk about Die Cutting and Die Cut cards. Die cutting is a process that allows cards and other items to be cut in a way that allows intricate curves and other shapes, an alternative option to the conventional straight edge cut of most printed materials.

There are many different forms of die cutting. The different forms of die cut have developed over the years and have turned into a great tool that can be utilized by everyone, even in its most basic form. The die cut process came out in the early 1800s and has been utilized all over the world to make many things that we use on a regular basis, such as, shoes, business cards, printing for graphic design jobs, and much more.

Die cut business cards are a great example when talking about die cutting. The die cut printing allows unique business cards to be made with their own personal design and cut. Die cutting allows for some truly unique looking business cards such as business cards with rounded edges, round circle business cards, leaf-cut business cards and more.  Here are some really innovative printing ideas using the die cut process:

custom die cut business cards

Another simple yet clever die cut job for a dog food company

Round Business Cards

Die cutting is used here to make a circular business card, a popular option

affordable die cutting

A clever die cut in the shape of a shirt for an apparel company

die cut printing

Another innovative design using die cutting

Custom Die Cut Business Card

a clever custom die cut card for a bakery

Leaf Cut Business Card

a leaf cut business card, where die cut is used to curve 2 opposite edges of the card

The die cut printing process is different for each piece of material that you see. You have to decide the thickness of the material and you need to know the design that needs to be done. You will need to observe the material and take in what the rigidness of the material is and what kind of cuts you will need in order to cut the material the proper way. During the process of the prints and die cutting, temperature is a very important aspect in the cutting process. The stretch, disorientation, temperature, and humidity can affect the cutting process. These will have to be measured closely before the material can even be cut.

Once the die cut line has been established for a particular design, the die cut machine is able to cut the paper with an absolute precise curve. This allows some really innovative shapes to be cut way beyond the conventional straight edges of most printed materials.

Die cutting is a great tool that is utilized all over the world and has been a process that is forever moving forward. Die cutting will continue to move forward in making many products. There is not a day that goes by where you do not see a product that has been made by a die cut machine. Even your most basic form of die cut is going to be your cookie cutters, putty stamps, and many more different items for basic use.

Since the die cutting machine has been around since the 1800s and has been upgraded so much more, people have been able to produce new and advanced products because of the upgraded die cutting machines. With a little imagination and the right die cut machine, the possibilities for a truly unique looking business card or other printed product are endless!


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